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Prenatal Care

Our prenatal visits have a very different feel than the standard.  We take time answer your questions and listen to your concerns.


You will have a team of midwives that care for you prenatally and are on call for your birth.  

All consultations and prenatal visits are held in our office.  Prenatal visits are scheduled every 4 weeks until the 32nd week of pregnancy when we  schedule visits every 2 weeks up until 40 weeks (unless more frequent visits are needed).  Prenatal lab work, ultrasounds and non-stress tests are offered on site.  We recommend you schedule at least one visit with each of our four midwives during the course of your pregnancy to give you a chance to make a connection and build rapport.  We encourage you to write down questions that come up between your prenatal appointments and bring them in with you.  

If you have other children, they are welcome at your prenatal appointments, as we are a family centered practice. 


We work hard to stay on time but we appreciate your patience on days when our style of care causes us to run behind.  We respect your time and value your experience. 


If physician services are needed, our overseeing physician, Dr. Stephen Coarsey is available for consultation.


Click here for the postpartum care guide.

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